Luxury river cruise vessel Atilla

Main characteristics

Lenght overall: 134,92 m
Breadth max.: 11,40 m
Depth to main deck: 3,00 m
Max. height above waterline: 6,00 m
Draught moulded: 1,80 m
Main engine output: 2x app.1000 kW
Cruise speed: 10 knots
Deadweight: app. 2338t
Frame spacing: 760 mm


Passengers: 164
Suites: 82
Crew: 48
Crew Cabins: 24


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Cruise Vessels

About This Project

Recognizing the call for modern cruise ships, Intercad developed a highly sustainable and cost-efficient vessel that sets the new standard in comfortable cruising. Innovation and superior design are the bases of this revolutionary concept that offers a completely new vision to the future market of tourism. Using natural resources like solar power and sustainable energy we have designed a fuel-efficient and comfortable river cruise vessel: Attilla. With diesel-electric technology and the latest in renewable and sustainable energy, Attilla is ready for tomorrow’s way of travelling. With this low-emission, cost-effective river cruiser of superior comfort and manoeuvrability, Intercad sets the bar in ship design and engineering.