Detail Design

Detail Design

Detail engineering is the backbone of our organization, all experience, knowledge and best practice are implemented in our system. Like no other we realize that the quality of detail engineering is an important factor in the shipyard’s ability to build vessels efficient, cost-effective and fast.

Working in close contact with our clients ensures easy alterations, build friendly solutions and top quality engineering in line with shipyard norms and standards throughout the whole process.  Also in the detail design phase the E-browser application can be provided to clients to keep track on the progress of the detailed 3D model.

Our engineers are putting great effort in their work to assure quality of the delivered engineering package. Developing the construction details for ship build friendly solutions is recognized by our clients worldwide and highly appreciated. The provided E-browser is an ideal tool for our clients to daily witness the progress made in their project.

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Hull Construction

Building vessels as efficient as possible is a challenge to any shipyard.
As your engineering partner, Intercad offers on-site support allowing to keep close contact with production smoothening the build throughout and to maintain quality norms and standard at all times. This can be vital during the critical stages of vessel construction, our engineers are well trained and experienced in working closely together with shipyards and owners under any circumstances, anywhere.

Machinery / piping

Piping and machinery is a separate discipline in ship engineering, however it is closely connected to the overall ship design process. At Intercad, the 3D model is created in “real time” so that the machinery and outfitting departments are always working with the latest information concerning the model. This method ensures that we are working to the highest standards both cost effective and time efficient at all times and at every level.