Basic Design

Basic Design

Further developing the concept design towards a basic design results in an engineering package that can be offered towards the concerning class society for approval.

In this phase our engineers will already develop a 3D model from where class information can be extracted allowing us to have a head start with the detailed design phase. An E-browser application can be provided for the convenience of our clients allowing them to follow the progress in the 3D model on daily basis.

Basic Shipdesign Offshore Naval Architects

We have developed a unique and effective way to generate classification drawings from a raw 3D structural model. This 3D model is prepared according to the requirements extracted from the in house developed strength analysis and stability booklet.

From the raw model we extract the classification drawings and required reports (weight, material specification, etc.)  Possible update’s or changes of the classification drawings can easily be corrected through 3D model utilization. After receiving approval from the concerned register the same model is further used as base for the continuation of detail design.