Intercad Ship Design | Photo realistic 3D visualizations
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Photo realistic 3D visualizations

3D Ship Design

We offer the possibility to convert your 2D images or blueprints into  Photorealistic 3D visualizations, making it much more easy to review certain areas of a ship for example. We provide highly accurate 3D photorealistic renderings of interiors and exteriors, animations, flythroughs and interactive 360° panoramas of the highest possible quality.

Kitchen 3D modeling ship interior Design

Our team uses the latest hardware and 3D-software for high-end ship design

We provide highly accurate and photorealistic 3D renderings of interiors and exteriors supported with animations, flythroughs and interactive 360° panoramas of the highest possible quality.

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3D Modeling Process

The process begins by creating a 3D model of the concerned area or ship. After modelling light, materials and any features that enhance the realism and detail of the images are applied. All features and details are discussed with our clients and preview images are supplied for feedback before we render the final images. Interior images can be customized to an exact match of the furnishings and decorations that will be installed on the vessel. If our client or partner not yet decided on the interior decorations we can use our own database of models and textures from our own developed portfolio. Even the time of day can be chosen allowing to see how your future project will look during day or night. The properties of virtual lights can be matched with the real-world bulbs to ensure physically accurate lighting simulations.