Ship Design

High Performance Ship Design

Concept Ship Design

In this exciting phase we listen to our clients and support them with translating their ideas and questions into a high efficient and innovative vessel exceeding client expectations. The vessel characteristics, and performance are narrowly determined by our client in cooperation with our team of naval architects and engineers.

When the concept design is finalized our client receives a full package of documentation that will support future yard tenders.

Technical outline specification

General arrangement

Mid-ship section

CFD simulation

Theoretical analysis and hydrostatic calculations

Basic engineering and Class drawings

Strength calculations structure

FEM - calculations and analysis

Pipe and machinery diagrams

Deck and equipment arrangement drawings

Basic Ship Design

We have developed a unique and effective way to generate classification drawings from a raw 3D structural model. This 3D model is prepared according to the requirements extracted from the in house developed strength analysis and stability booklet.

From the raw model we extract the classification drawings and required reports (weight, material specification, etc.)  Possible update’s or changes of the classification drawings can easily be corrected through 3D model utilization. After receiving approval from the concerned register the same model is further used as base for the continuation of detail design.

Our diagram specialists combine many years of practical shipbuilding knowledge and theoretical system know-how for an optimum development of machinery piping diagrams.

Interior Design

A vessels interior will have great influence on the level of comfort experienced by the crew. The often limited spaces available require maximum creativity and ingenuity from our interior designers in order to deliver aesthetic and practical developed accommodation areas. Besides aesthetics and comfort the interior needs to meet the highest safety standards according to the latest safety regulations. We assure you that our interior designers have many years of experience knowing the latest regulations and understanding what our clients and partners look for.

Insulation and fire protection plan

Proposition and detailed interiors solution for cargo ships and passenger vessels

Wall coverings, ceilings and floors

Deployment of the doors, windows, windows covering, furniture, electrical equipment, etc.