Ro-Ro Vessel The Rotra Mare / Rotra Vente Windturbine Transport Vessel


December 12, 2016


Cargo Vessels, Offshore Vessels

About This Project

Concordia Group developed the idea to convert two existing container vessels towards roll-on-roll-off vessels capable to transport large wind turbine components between production and installation facilities in Europe.

In this project Intercad was contracted in an early stage to perform all required strength calculations for the entirely new 2,000 square metres of main flush deck for both vessels, the main deck is capable to carry a maximum payload of 17.5 tons per square meter.

After the calculation reports and class documentation package was approved by RINA Intercad realized the complete workshop documentation for both vessels.

This project is executed in close cooperation with Holland Shipyards and Concordia group and Intercad is very pleased by the given opportunity and the end result.