Offshore Engineering

Quality Engineering

Detail Engineering

Detail engineering from origin is the backbone of our organization. Many years of knowledge and hands-on experience is implemented in to our system. The quality of detail engineering plays a crucial role in the shipyard’s ability to build vessels efficiently and cost effective.

Our engineers are putting great effort in their work to assure quality of the delivered engineering package. Developing the construction details for ship build friendly solutions is recognized by our clients worldwide and highly appreciated. The provided E-browser is an ideal tool for our clients to daily witness the progress made in their project.

3D Modeling of Hull construction

Shipbuilding Construction Drawings

Steel outfitting


Work preparation

Hull Construction

The Raw 3D model used for the basic design is further used for the development of the detail design. At the start the 3D model is spliced into several separate units, every unit can simultaneously developed by different designers offering short delivery times.

Our customers and partners are very satisfied with our low-cost high output working methods. Our engineering departments work closely together to deliver a complete package of documentation, including construction hull drawings, outfitting drawings, shell plate development, nesting, work preparation, etc.

Machinery & Piping

During the build of a vessel the piping installation as well as outfitting are in close cooperation with the steel production. This is the same during the detail design stage where the hull department and machinery piping department are closely working together in the same model real time. The machinery department and outfitting department continuously receive an updated model from the steel department saving both time and ensuring that  the overall design process evolves efficiently.

3D Pipe routing / modeling

Pipe arrangement drawings

Isometric drawings / spools

Equipment modeling

Conversions and Modifications

Ship conversions and modifications are frequently requested by our clients and partners. Over the years we have been involved in numerous of different projects concerning different ship types such as passenger vessels, roro vessels, container vessels and more.

Especially concerning conversions and modifications practical shipbuilding knowledge is crucial in order to be able to advise our clients and partners about how to work as effective as possible.